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Changes history

24th June 2005    Added a User's Guide for the IdxPro applet
1st Dec 2004 Added a set of Ovation Pro files containing a complete set of CMY colour swatches in 5% steps.
5th Feb 2004 Updated the OvHTML filter to version 0.40
4th Feb 2004 Updated the Index applet (sort module fixed by David Pilling)
Added the Avery L4736 template (courtesy of Dave Symes), and a similar template with autoflow
Updated a number of applications and templates by Bernard Veasey, e.g. XCal and calendar template
8th Dec 2003 Added the Avery L7676 2-CD label template
Added some new links on the links page
15th Sept 2003 Fixed/updated some links on the Applications page
Updated the download files for Citation
5th Sept 2003 Updated FitWidth to v. 1.07
Updated Clipboards applet to version 1.14
16th Aug 2003 New applet - FitWidth, which fits the selected text to the width of the frame
13th Aug 2003 Updated Contents applet to version 2.23
Index page changed
22nd May 2003
  • Added a filter, OvHTML, to allow Ovation Pro to import and display an HTML file.
24th June 2002
18th June 2002
  • Added Contents 2.22. Do contents from cursor now just does up to the end of the last chapter. Previously it would restart.
  • Added Sections 1.11. Now has an option for continuing the numbering over chapter boundaries. Do sections from cursor also fixed as for Contents.
  • Added Sequencer 1.12. Worked round a feature where the ordering would be done incorrectly when anchors in the same sequencer were in separate chapters.
13th Sept 2001
20th June 2001
  • Added the TidyMove applet, which introduces "intelligent" copy, cut, and paste to Ovation Pro
14th May 2001
18th Apr 2001
11th Apr 2001
  • Added the IncSave applet by Nick Kaijaks, providing a button macro for incremental saving of documents, with distinct filenames
9th Apr 2001
20th Feb 2001
  • Added the Lockswtch applet, which enables the 'snap to' buttons to show the setting
5th Feb 2001
  • Updated IdxPro applet to version 1.07
20th December 2000
  • Updated !Headings to 1.04 - Nothing major, just a tidy up of the code
  • Updated !StylePal to 1.08 - This is the version of !StylePal modified by Nick Kaijaks. A minor addition to handle story-scope styles in Ovation Pro 2.60. Will still work with older versions
  • Updated !Sequence to 1.04 - Now goes much faster when re-numbering or re-ordering. The increase in speed is largely a result of fixing a bug in the following:
  • Updated !!!!!!!bm 1.01 - This is R.J.E. Thompson's enhanced bookmark manager with a bug (more a typo really) fixed that caused it to go very slowly when deleting or overwriting a selection in a document containing a lot of bookmarks
  • New applet !Together 1.01 - An applet for keeping adjacent paragraphs together on the same page. Useful for keeping headings with their text, figures with their titles and the like.

    Note that the documentation for !Headings, !Sequence and !Together has been produced by Ovation Pro 2.60, so may not be readable using earlier versions.

14th September 2000
24th August 2000
21st August 2000
  • Updated Headings applet to version 1.01 - adds different styles for left and right pages
17th August 2000
14th July 2000
  • Updated Clipboards applet to version 1.13
  • Fixed Applets page since link to Capital applet appeared to have gone AWOL
19th June 2000
12th June 2000
29th May 2000
26th May 2000
24th May 2000
  • Updated the Capital applet to 1.01. This fixes a problem with occasional type 5's
23rd May 2000
28th April 2000
18th April 2000
13th April 2000
24th March 2000
  • Updated Antiword, (an application to extract text from MSWord files) to version 0.30
  • Added colour charts - a description of how to print the various colour charts installed in OPro, together with an example document, and several colour charts. Includes WindowRd utility for grabbing the colour chart menus in OPro
  • Added the WindowRd utility for anyone wanting it
9th March 2000
  • Updated Clipboards applet to version 1.12 (minor bug fixes)
14th Feb 2000
  • Updated IdxPro applet to version 1.06 (requires OPro 2.57 or later)
  • Added Clipboards applet (management of multiple clipboards, requires OPro 2.58 or later)
7th February 2000
20th January 2000
17th January 2000
10th January 2000
6th January 2000
13th Dec 1999
10th Dec 1999
2nd Dec 1999
  • Updated the Contents applet to version 2.11. It has some minor improvements, but also has a completely new user interface which (hopefully) is easier and more intuitive to use.
  • Updated to version 1.06 of the StylePal applet, updated by Nick Kaijaks
12th Nov 1999
11th Nov 1999
3rd Nov 1999
  • Ovation Pro 2.55 supports Impression style draw file borders. Added some examples
13th Oct 1999
13th Sept 1999
  • Updated the Contents applet to fix a nasty bug that causes a type 5 error with OP 2.52 and RISC OS 4
15th July 1999
  • Updated the alternative wimp templates and tile sprite by John Ferguson, for OvPro 2.52
  • Attempted to ensure all references to the original Beebug site now point to the new Ovation Pro site. If I have missed any please let me know.
5th July 1999
4th June 1999
10th May 1999
7th May 1999
15 March 1999
14 Mar 1999
16 Feb 1999
  • Updated Expert to version 1.03
  • Updated Marks to version 1.03
29 Jan 1999
25 Jan 1999
  • Updated the labeller applet to version 1.01
19 Jan 1999
  • Added new applet Expert, for handling expert fonts
  • Added new applet Marks, to help control of printers marks
09 Jan 1999
  • Added EuroFont, a one character (euro) font file, together with a draw file of the character
06 Jan 1999
  • Updated Antiword, (an application to extract text from MSWord files) to version 0.27
05 Jan 1999
  • New version (1.03) of IdxPro added
30 Nov 1998
  • Added XRef, an applet to manage cross references
25 Nov 1998
  • Updated Endnote applet to v. 3.03, which fixes minor bug with copy key deleting backwards when at end of document
9 Nov 1998
  • Added new applet, Label, for the generation of label templates
14 Oct 1998
  • Updated the AntiWord application to version 0.26
6 Oct 1998
1 Oct 1998
28 Sept 1998
  • Added Calendar. The document template is designed for use with the XCal application.
18 Sept 1998
  • Added an alpha version of TransWord, a loader for MS Word documents.
2 Sept 1998
24 August 1998
25 June 1998
23 June 1998
17 June 1998
9 June 1998
1 June 1998
21 May 1998
  • Transferred to this site a number of third party files that were originally on the Beebug site
20 May 1998
  • Added the beta release of the IdxPro applet
7 May 1998
6 May 1998
5 May 1998
30 April 1998
29 April 1998
28 April 1998
24 April 1998
16 April 1998
31 March 1998

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