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These pages best viewed in a CSS capable browser. On RISC OS the only browser qualifying is Netsurf

The documents available here are complete documents, although the graphics have been removed to keep the size of the archives down. It is hoped to build up a range of documents demonstrating the use of Ovation Pro in publishing. Such documents should be a source of new ideas, and may also be a means of mutual improvement.


Ribble Ripples
size 116k; author John Clegg
Ribble Ripples is the magazine of the Ribble Link Trust. With all images removed, the archive is about 116 kb. It displays all right for me, although I do not have the correct fonts used in the document. I am sure John would welcome comments and suggestions for improvement.

All the files are archives and may be extracted using David Pilling's SparkFS, SparkPlug, or Spark. A version of SparkPlug comes with Ovation Pro. If, for some reason or another, you do not have any of these, then a self-extracting version of SparkPlug may be downloaded.

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