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Whats new?

6th November 2019 Style palette applet updated to version 1.09a (bugfix).

23rd December 2017 Updated the tutorial/template for how to create watermarks.

19th March 2017 Added a new section Tutorials and How-to's. Contains
  • Document Printing to PDF with PDFCreator on Windows
  • Creating frame borders

27th February 2010 Added to the hints and tips section

Jan–Feb 2010 General tidy up of all the Ovation Pro pages - working through to check broken links etc
Began to use some simple CSS to enhance the pages - should still work in CSS-unaware browsers
Updated the DBase applet to version 1.04
Updating of the Hints and Tips pages in progress. Addition of some new, and removal of outdated ones

5th Jan 2009 Added the MakeRTF filter

Even earlier history

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