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Resources for Ovation Pro


For the import and export of foreign format files

These pages best viewed in a CSS capable browser. On RISC OS the only browser qualifying is Netsurf


Version 0.40 (14 Oct 2003); size 463k; author Rick Murray

This software is designed to import HTML files into Ovation Pro acting as a filter.

It attempts a reasonable reproduction of HTML import, including styles (bold, underline, etc), alignment (left, centre, right), headings, code types, ordered/un-ordered lists, preformatted text, etc... AND IMAGES! There are help and example files provided.

The latest stable version is 0.40. There is also an upgrade to beta version 0.41. You must have installed 0.40 before you can upgrade to 0.41.

Download OvHTML version 0.40
Download the upgrade to OvHTML 0.41b2


version 3.04 (2001); size 10k; author David Breakwell

MakeRTF is for the export of Ovation Pro documents as RTF. MakeRTF is a "trans" filter, not an applet, so the usual admonition, it is not supposed to go in the Applets folder but will do no harm if you do put it there.

Download MakeRTF version 3.04

All the files are archives and may be extracted using David Pilling's SparkFS, SparkPlug, or Spark. A version of SparkPlug comes with Ovation Pro. If, for some reason or another, you do not have any of these, then a self-extracting version of SparkPlug may be downloaded.

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