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Resources for Ovation Pro

Colour printing aids

CMY colour samples size 23k; author David Scott
Ovation files which consist of two A4 pages of colour samples. These consist of small areas of solid colour each about 20x5mm in size covering all the combinations of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow from 0 to 100% in 20% steps, a total of 216 samples.

When needing to match a colour for a specific printer setting, print out these test pages on that printer and choose the colour nearest to that desired, or make suitable adjustments when the colour is between two of the samples. Note that it is essential for the tests to be done with the same settings of printer resolution, dithering, paper quality, etc. as the actual work, since the reproduction of colours varies considerably with all these factors.

CMY colour samples in 5% steps size: 790k (note the size); author JayCee
A complete set of 21 Ovation Pro files showing all colour combinations in 5% increments from C0M0Y0 to C100Y100M100.
HSV colour samples size 16k; author Rob Hemmings
A further set of colour samples, in HSV format, and complementary to those of David Scott.
Colour chart conversions size 16k; author Tim King
Colour chart conversions to CMYK in Ovation Pro format, allows colours to be selected by name. To use, copy into the !OvnResDir.Colours directory. The file(s) will then appear in the colours menu.
Draw colour chart size <1k; author Andy Piper
The sixteen standard wimp colours as used in e.g. the Draw colour picker. To use, copy into the !OvnResDir.Colours directory. The file will then appear in the colours menu.
HTML colour chart size <1k; author Andy Piper
Contains definitions for the 129 named colours available in HTML (these were originally defined by Netscape). To use, copy into the !OvnResDir.Colours directory. The file will then appear in the colours menu.
ProcessCMY size 1k
216 tints made from CMY process colours
ProcessK size 1k
108 tints made from CMY process colours combined with Black
New colour curves size 4k; author Tony Tolver
New set of curves for converting RGB colours to CMYK. In a standard format, they can be used in a range of Risc OS programs.
RGB size 1k; author Carl Cepurneek
RGB is a small BASIC program that produces a sprite containing all available pure colours. Use it to select colours your printer can print.

Font files

EuroFont size 3k; author Dave Symes
The archive contains a single character (the euro) font file, a draw file of the character, and an info file. Allows the euro character to be used in documents.
Euro Font size 22k; author Frits Polak
The archive contains a font converted from an Adobe type-1 PD font that can be used in any RiscOS application supporting outline fonts.

Sprite files

File icons size 1k; author Andy Piper
Contains new file icons for DDF and RTF files, which usually show as plain boxes.
Toolbar spaces size 3k; author Dave Symes
Details (in an Ovation document) and sprite file example, for changing the size of the space created between tool icons on the toolbar.
Palette sprites size 1k; author Peter Daniel
Includes some short macros to turn colour, style, and page palettes on and off from the button bar, together with some sprites for the buttons.

Draw file borders

Example borders size 19k
Borders howto size 104k; author Dave Symes
A tutorial on how to create borders (Ovation Pro document, together with some example borders, including 'photo' corners, in drawfile format).


Dutch size 560k (note - it's big!); author John van Vredenburch
Contains nearly 230,000 words
French size 52k; author Richard Mawhood
Contains about 63000 words. Requires Ovation Pro 2.54 or later.
French size 119k; author John van Vredenburch
A larger dictionary - knows about many apostrophe combinations
Italian size 182k; author Alessandro Korwin
An Italian dictionary and Italian spelling extension applet
Medical size 132k; author Roger King
A comprehensive medical dictionary containing over 44,000 words in Ovation Pro format


Multi-row button bar size 6k; author Richard Hallas
An example of a multi-row button bar
Chemistry size 1k; author Stephen Brown
Chemistry standard format 'characterisation data' macros
Buttons size 1k; author Henk Huinen
Button macros and sprite files
Separation button size 2k; author Bernard Veasey
A sprite and macro to put an icon on the OvPro button bar to display the CMYK separations of an Ovation Pro page - You must have the Colour Supplement loaded and in the Applets directory for this to work.
Snapstate button size 2k; author Bernard Veasey
A sprite and macro to put a 'Toggle Snap State' icon on the OvPro button bar


Index cross reference size 3k; author John van Vredenburch
The present index (v2.60) only mentions pages whereas the different chapters of the manual on CD are present as separate files. Having looked up an item in the Index it is not clear which file to open.

This small OvPro document cross references chapters (files) with page numbers and might make things somewhat easier.

Templates size 40k; author John Ferguson
An alternative set of (WIMP) templates. Now updated for Ovation Pro version 2.52

All the files are archives and may be extracted using David Pilling's SparkFS, SparkPlug, or Spark. A version of SparkPlug comes with Ovation Pro. If, for some reason or another, you do not have any of these, then a self-extracting version of SparkPlug may be downloaded.

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