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by Chris Johnson



(Version 2.36, 21 Feb 2017)

This application converts between various units, generally SI and Imperial, but there are also some more specialised conversions, such as energy equivalents. Also included are some other converters, such as a bin/oct/hex/dec converter, a gas molecule speed calculator and an image size reckoner.

UnitConv is 26/32-bit neutral and should be compatible with all versions of RISC OS from 3 to 6.

armv7ok.png - 1014 bytesUnitConv has been tested successfully on OMAP3, OMAP4, IGEPv5, and iMX6 hardware.

You may download the complete version 2.36 as a zip archive.

Changes in 2.36

  • Occurrence of ZPP error fixed
  • Added new options to the bin/oct/hex/dec conversion dialogue
  • Several minor bug or 'feature' fixes

Changes in 2.35

  • Changes in unit conversion
    • In save custom data, now allows % and \ in unit names
    • Now allows reciprocal relationships by using a leading / character to the conversion factor to signify that the × and ÷ actions must be inverted
    • Energy (chem) and fuel economy moved from 'Special' group to normal conversions, thanks to the above
    • Added 'Delete item' and 'Insert item' to custom edit options
    • Unit configuaration files now accept TAB as well as spaces to line up columns
  • Changes in bin/oct/hex/dec
    • Added user settings that may be saved
    • Options to decide how leading zeros are dealt with
    • Allow converted values (top-bit set) to display as negative in decimal format
    • Added facility to click on a binary digit to toggle its value
  • Numerous internal changes

Changes in 2.32

  • Now strips leading spaces from units factor when loading the data file for editing
  • Now formats the units data in columns when saving to make it easier to read, and adds some more comments
  • Saves a backup of the customdat file (as _customdat) before saving an edited version
  • Some tidying of window templates in res file

To get an idea of what this application does, a summary can be browsed here.

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