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A versatile disc backup program

What is SyncDiscs?

SyncDiscs makes the contents of two discs or directories the same. For example, it may be used for keeping general backups on the same or different media, to keep an exact copy of a hard disc on a removable disc, or for synchronising a portable computers disc with that on a main machine.

armv7ok.png - 1014 bytesSyncDiscs has been tested successfully on the BeagleBoard, PandaBoard ES, IGEPv5, Titanium and Raspberry Pi.

SyncDiscs was originally written by David Pilling. With the full agreement and cooperation of David, Chris Johnson has taken on the maintenance and development of SyncDiscs, and the latest version is now available. A further consequence of this is that any correspondence about SyncDiscs should be directed to Chris Johnson, and not to David.


You can download the complete SyncDiscs application, including the manual in html format, as a zip file

Download SyncDiscs + manual, Version: 1.29 (2 Nov 2020), Zip file size: 456 KB

There is a listing of the changes since the previous version of SyncDiscs.


All communication about SyncDiscs should now be directed to Chris Johnson ( Suggestions for new features are always welcome.

Other useful links

David Pilling's web site is at, in particular, the RISC OS section of the site is at