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A WIMP front end for the IJPG command line utility 'jpegtran'

What is TranJPEG?

TranJPEG is a WIMP front-end for the IJPG command-line utility 'jpegtran' and gives easy access to the features of the utility. It allows JPEG images to be transformed in a number of ways in a lossless process.

The transformations include rotation, reflection, smart scaling and transposing images. There is also an AUTO rotate option, which depends on the image containing exif data with orientation information.

TranJPEG allows a selection of images to be transformed in a batch process that occurs in the background.

armv7ok.png - 1014 bytesTranJPEG has been tested successfully on the Iyonix, the BeagleBoard, the PandaBoard, the IGEPv5 based RapidO Ig, and the iMX6.


You can download the TranJPEG application (complete with in app help file, in html format) as a zip file. TranJPEG includes the jpegtran binary (version 9b, 17 Jan 2016).

Download TranJPEG, Version: 1.34 (15 Mar 2018), Zip file size: 255 KB


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All communication about TranJPEG should be directed to Chris Johnson ( ). Suggestions for new features are always welcome.