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Easy entry of text into Draw

What is Text>Draw?

The text input facilities of Draw itself are fairly primitive for anything other than a simple string. Changing the style within a string, or using subscripts, superscripts and greek letters entail a lot of dragging of independent characters into position. This is a simple application to make it easier to enter complex text objects into draw. Up to six different font styles can be included in a single string, with multi-levels of sub/superscript. Chemical formulae, for example, are much easier to enter.

Shown below are examples of some objects being entered into version 1.20 of Text>Draw.

Pic10.gif -

Pic11.gif - 19Kb

armv7ok.png - 1014 bytesText>Draw has been tested successfully on the Iyonix, the BeagleBoard, the PandaBoard ES, RapidO Ig, and the RaspberryPi.


You may download the following file, which is a zip archive.

Text>Draw version 1.33 (6 June 2019) - File size 239 KB.

Main changes

Version 1.33

Version 1.32


All communication about Text>Draw should be directed to Chris Johnson ( ). Suggestions for new features are always welcome.