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What is pH?

pH an application to allow the simulated plotting of titration curves for the titration of a weak mono-, di-, or tri-protic acid with a strong base.

pH is 26/32-bit neutral and should be compatible with all versions of RISC OS from 3 to 6.

armv7ok.png - 1014 bytespH has been tested successfully on the BeagleBoard, the PandaBoard, the IGEPv5 based RapidO Ig, the Titanium, and the iMX6.


You can download the pH application (complete with in app help file, in html format) as a zip file.

Download pH version 0.13 (15 Mar 2022) - File size 156 KB.

Source code

The source code to pH is now provided. This is supplied in a format that should compile with the Norcroft DDE. It must be linked with the OSLib library, the OSLibSupport library, and the CJLib support library.

Download pH source code, Version: 0.13 (15 Mar 2022), Zip file size: 34 KB

Download CJLib prebuilt and with source code, Zip file size: 100 KB

The OSLib and OSLib Support libraries can be downloaded from