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MultiPlot allows the plotting of a number of graphs on the same set of axes. Suitable data files may be produced using e.g. GraphDraw, FnPlotter or CurveFit. MultiPlot does not allow the direct entry of data, and does no data processing. It simply combines several graphs onto the same set of scaled axes. The resulting graph may be printed via any standard RISC OS printer driver, or saved as a draw file. You must have a suitable application available to make use of MultiPlot. This new version of MultiPlot includes an updated version of FnPlotter.

It is also possible to produce data files suitable for loading in to MultiPlot using your own software.

Version 3.00, released in August 2018, is a completely new release, with MultiPlot having been rewritten from scratch and coded in C rather than Basic. Most of the features of the previous version have been retained. The biggest change is that you can now have several data sets active at the same time, and data set sizes are dynamic, so there is no restriction on the size of dataset that can be used.

The latest release is version 3.02, 27th Jul 2019

armv7ok.png - 1014 bytesMultiPlot is 26/32-bit neutral and should run on RISC OS 4, 5 and 6. It has been tested successfully on the iMX6, IGEPv5, and Titanium, all running RISC OS 5.25 It should also run on RISC OS 3, but will require suitable toolbox modules and SharedCLib to be present.


All the files are zip archives, produced using David Pilling's SparkFS, and may be extracted using SparkPlug, Spark, or SparkFS.