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a RISC OS application

By Chris Johnson

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A>B>C is an application to demonstrate the change in concentration of the three components A, B, C during the series first order reaction scheme as shown below.
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The program allows the entry of values for the rate constants k1 and k2, and for the time that the reaction is run.

An example of the output graph is shown below.

abcgraph.png - 39Kb


You may download the following file(s), which are all zip archives.

A>B>C version 2.00 (31 Oct 2006) - File size 212 KB.

For the sake of completeness, the earlier version 1.10 is still available.
A>B>C version 1.10 (1st Nov 2002), file length 41k

System requirements

A>B>C will run on 26-bit and 32-bit machines. On RiscPCs and other 26-bit machines it requires the Castle SharedCLibrary (at least version 5.53) to be installed. This may be obtained from the Castle/Iyonix web site.

For the Iyonix and the A9Home, these machines are supplied with suitable versions of the SharedCLibrary in ROM.

Note that A>B>C uses Toolbox modules for the wimp interface, and it is wise to ensure you have the latest Toolbox modules installed on your machine. If you do not have them they can be downloaded from Castle or from RISCOS Ltd. Both these sets of Toolbox modules are compatible with 26 and 32-bit machines.

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