a RISC OS application

By Chris Johnson

bupstats.png - 1976 bytesA simple little app that interfaces to the backup application !7backup, by Steve Revill, of 7th Software, and produces a small progress display to keep an eye on while 7backup is doing its stuff.
Note that this utility is only of use if you are also using 7backup.


armv7ok.png - 1014 bytes7bupstats is 26/32-bit neutral and should run on RISC OS 3, 4, 5 and 6, and has also been tested successfully on the BeagleBoard (ARMv7/Cortex-A8/OMAP3 port) running RISC OS 5.17.

You may download the following file(s), which are zip archives.

7bupstats version 0.37 (23 Dec 2011) - Complete version, file size 68 KB.
Versions from 0.30 allow you to choose whether or not you wish 7bupstats to install an iconbar icon.

Changes in this version

Version 0.37 Version 0.36 Version 0.35

Version 0.32

Version 0.31

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