Shadow effects

img15.jpg - 7Kb You would expect a graphics package such as this to have facilities for producing the almost obligatory drop shadows, and Insignia/TextEffx indeed allows drop shadows. This first graphic shows a standard drop shadow without any blurring.
img16.jpg - 6Kb In this example we have added a small amount of blur to the shadow. The amount of blur is variable over a very wide range, although if too much is applied the shadow effectively disappears as it gets so diffuse.
img17.jpg - 6Kb For this image the shadow has been offset a larger amount. You can specify the x and y offsets for the shadow, both positive and negative.
img18.jpg - 7Kb We have now added some "shear" which has the effect of producing a slope on the shadow, which simulates an angled backdrop, or indeed, a floor type backdrop. The shear can be varied in both directions.
img19.jpg - 6Kb It is also possible to "shrink" the shadow, although if the shrink factor is set to more than 100%, an expansion results. This image is the same as the previous one, except that it has had a "shrink" factor of 60% applied.
img20.jpg - 5Kb This image has been produced using only the shadow effect and some transparency. The yellow highlight is simply a blurred shadow, with an x offset of -2 and a y offset of -8, together with a shrink factor of 104%. The colour of the text is obtained by making the red text something like 50% transparent. The background here is black to contrast better with the foreground.

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