Colour effects in Insignia

The previous examples all used fixed colour for the text foreground and the background of the image. A standard colour picker allows the choice of any 24 bit colour for foreground and background. However, there are a number of additional fills that can be used. I do not claim there is any artistic merit in the following examples. They are simply to show some of these effects.

When the image is rendered in Insignia/TextEffx, it is produced as a 24 bit colour image. If you are using a screen mode with only 256 colours, then the on-screen rendered image will be dithered to produce as good a representation as possible. However, some images can still look a bit coarse. Nevertheless, when the image is saved, it is saved in full 24 bit colour at the highest quality.

img8.jpg - 6Kb In this example, the background has been given a radial (circular) fill, from yellow to blue. The centre of the fill can be specified (here it is just at the top of the r), as can the radius over which the range of the change will occur.
img9.jpg - 6Kb Here we have used the same colours, but with a linear fill. The angle of the fill can be specified (40° has been used here), and the size.
img10.jpg - 7Kb The other geometric fill is the rectangular fill. This is the one that can be used to create plinth effects (with the correct choice of colour!)
img11.jpg - 8Kb Colour effects can also be applied to the foreground text, and in this example we still have the rectangular fill for the background, while the text has been given a linear fill. Rather garish, but it shows the effect.
img12.jpg - 13Kb Geometric fills are not the end of the story. The text and the background can also be filled with a sprite, either tiled or scaled to fit. This first example shows our Archive text against a tiled brick backdrop.
img13.jpg - 8Kb Here the text has been filled with a tiled sprite, while the background has been filled with a yellow/blue rectangular fill as in a previous example...
img14.jpg - 15Kb ...and here we have it all, a burning Archive against the brickwork.

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